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Hello adhesive factory with more than 650 employees, the largest glue exporter in the Middle East, exporting to 80 countries in the world through the gateway of Europe-Turkey, with a 30,000 meter infrastructure where all Iranian glue factories can be established, using the latest technologies in the world Automation... Hello factory produces products that no one else in Iran and Turkey can produce., such as steel adhesive, car adhesive, glass adhesive, etc

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Strong and powerful

Hello twin adhesives are suitable for repairing and prevent water, oil, gasoline and acid leak in radiators, water pipes, cylinders, cartels, gas tanks

super strong

Stick different types of metals, plastics, stone, ceramics, glass and other materials together.

super fast

Initial drying time: 2 to 10 minutes

Reasons for choosing Hello

Reasons for choosing Hello

If you have any questions and guidance about the products of the Hello glue factory, our colleagues will be answer your questions

Fairly price

We try to provide a quality product at a fair price

excellent quality

Quality is our priority and slogan

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