(30functional) HL herbal Soil Glue

(30functional) HL herbal Soil Glue
(30functional) HL herbal Soil Glue
(30functional) HL herbal Soil Glue


HL Glue factory, the biggest adhesive making factory in Iran with more than 500 personnel and many years of great experience has succeeded to produce for the first time in the world the herbal adhesive based on wheat starch in a high-tech form. Invention advantages: It is herbal, eco-friendly and even it makes soil more fertilizing. It is cheaper than oil mulch. Resistant against wind, atmospheric conditions, UV Availability of raw materials in Iran It doesn’t harm insects and organisms, Odorless, Colorless, Water and wheat based, It doesn’t pollute groundwater, Non-flammability, Wheat in the adhesive can be used as dung

Expire:12months after production

Cover price :0.59$

(30functional) HL herbal Soil Glue
(30functional) HL herbal Soil Glue

how to use

via tar spraying trucks

via airplanes, especially Russian firefighting airplanes

Spraying by booster method

failing in pasting

Considering this point that this adhesive contains wheat starch and two mineral materials and some preservatives as antifungal, is completely safe and harmless for human beings and environment and in case of contacting with eye and skin causes slight burn which it should be washed by water

(30functional) HL herbal Soil Glue
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